coastal plain league stickers

Coastal Plain League Stickers

Help the fans show some love by offering your team’s mascot in animated GIF form! These animated stickers are the perfect way to enable the fans to spread the word in their stories and also add some life to your team stories and other social feeds like twitter and facebook.

Proposed team mascot sticker gestures:

Slide, Safe, Out, Foul ball, Fair ball, Swing (hit), swing (Miss), Newscaster(headphone and microphone), Spin baseball on finger, Break bat over knee or hang head(disappointed), Dab, Take it home dance (shown below)

Premium Sticker access : $1,000.00

Premium sticker access includes all 12 stickers, uploaded to the Coastal Plain League's Giphy channel. for use in and on social channels by both team and fans.

Standard Sticker access $600.00

Coastal Plains stickers set of 6 mascot themed gifs. Select which 6 gestures you would like to represent you team on the Coastal Plain League's Giphy channel.


Sticker examples


Hey Good Thinking

Observe your situations, gather facts, analyze, and then drop a little science on the moment.

Healthy Doughnut

Doughnut works hard and tries to stay in shape. But no matter how hard he tries, a doughnut will always be a doughnut. 

On The Clock

Can Mr. Seal survive the unnatural habitat the office? Or will he just become part if the food chain?

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